Investment Management

Value Add Real Estate Investment Management

Citadeltrades is also into real estate investment and property management with a focus on U.S. multifamily, senior living and hospitality properties. Citadeltrades executes value add strategies and manages a national portfolio of properties on behalf of institutional investors, family offices and financial institutions. Citadeltrades manages its multifamily and senior living properties through a vertically integrated operations platform.

Citadeltrades has expertise in selecting and managing attractive risk adjusted real estate investments located in major markets around the United States.

As of March 31, 2019, Citadeltrades’ portfolio includes approximately $1.4 billion in real estate assets.

Citadeltrades cross-trains its staff, resulting in a unique customer experience that combines the best qualities of hotel, senior living and apartment communities. We call this approach Resitality®, which serves as a competitive advantage across our diverse portfolio.

Multifamily Property Management

We have a holistic view and nearly 8 years of management experience in multifamily investments. Our vertically-integrated management services include:

  • Conventional, lease-up, high-rise, garden and mixed-use property management services
  • Full-suite marketing services including lease-up, branding, repositioning and PR strategies
  • Due diligence and underwriting services
  • Transition planning and execution (dedicated team)
  • Revenue management and in-house pricing director
  • Visual merchandising
  • Industry leading technology for online leasing, resident portal, billing, utilities and vendor management
  • In-house construction and capital project management
  • Dynamic and cloud-based reporting capabilities
  • Talent sourcing, training and development programs
  • Risk management and insurance procurement services
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